SCP - 173

Come play with us Tumblr. Come play with us forever and ever and ever.


Come play with us Tumblr. Come play with us forever and ever and ever.


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-backs away sloooooooooooowly THEN RUNS LIKE FUCK-


sTop RUNnnING!


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Whoah !!

Well hi there !! / beeeaaaaaaams and waaaaaaaaaves /


Hello there…

 That was not comfortable. Not comfortable at all. Why was it staring at her, like some prey? It was just a statue…right? No, no it felt alive, almost. But Tsuki had never encountered nor heard of it. The woman never took her eyes of off it, unaware of it’s nature. Instead, she kept her distance but walked around it, looking it over. 

Should she touch?

Will it attack?

Ahh, she was still watching it. It couldn’t move, so long as her eyes remained on it. It couldn’t even turn it’s head, though it could sense her moving around it, looking it over. Her eyes felt liked heated coals on it’s skin (Do I even have skin?). It was toture. It wanted to move. It wanted to attack! It cursed whatever placed this ability on it. For now…

All it could do was wait.

Wait for that precious moment… 


 Tsuki was just casually walking around, still waking up from a restless night. Until something came into her vision. Looking up, she dropped her coffee and moved back, eyes wide at..whatever it was. HOLY SHIT, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” she practically shouted, since she was surprised an no one was around anyways. She was debating on either attacking it or poking it with a stick.

It stared right at her, it’s horrible, emotionless face being completely blank. It just stood there, watching her. It couldn’t move. Not yet, at least. Not while she still looking at it. But underneath it’s immobile form, it was almost trembling with excitement. After all, how long had it been since it had discovered some new prey…?

It remained silent, still looking.



Don’t blink.


Don’t blink.



I see you…



Anyone there?



I truly love this game…